Dr. Dre Wants To Get ‘Back To Business’ With T.I., Justus And More

01.09.16 2 years ago 2 Comments
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When the Doctor starts kicking knowledge, it’s time to take notes. Dr. Dre took the lock off his vaults for his The Pharmacy radio show on Beats 1 to get “Back to Business” with T.I., Justus, Victoria Monet and Sly Piper. Over a cinematic scoring suited for a sunset cruise through Compton, the bouncy instrumentation is the perfect blend for the good Doc to kick prolific flows on.

It doesn’t hurt to have writers like T.I., Justus et al in the trap with vicious pengames of their own. Whoever penned the bars knew what they were doing as Andre thumps on his chest rapping:

“No way, no how – can’t stop
Had bigger dreams for this Hip Hop
I’m happy it was music and not a Ziploc
And now we bringing crowds like it’s Woodstock
I might as well wipe down the crown I put in the attic”

Word? Because we would all be happy if he took that trip to the loft to dust off that headwear.

Before checking out, Dre reminds us that if we’re talking numbers, he could give a f**k less about Billboard and we should go straight to the bank accounts. That’s where the baton gets passed, metaphorically and otherwise to the other artists on the record. While quotables are abound through all verses, there is no doubt this is Dre’s record to shine on.

No word on whether a loose gelcap fell off the counter while he was bagging up Compton (Stream it here) or if he has been back in the studio since – but when the Doc starts lecturing, you can bet we will be front row and on time to class.

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