Drake And Chris Brown’s ESPY Performance Isn’t The Only Thing They Have Planned

07.22.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

Jay Z and Nas or Ja Rule and 50 this was not, but for what it’s worth, Drake and Chris Brown at one point weren’t too fond of each other. All that’s under the bridge as the two superstars have since buried the hatchet, starred in a hilarious ESPYs skit together and now laugh at the fact both fell victim to Mother Rihanna’s “platinum snapper” game.

The truce was organized by producer Mally Mal and held at his house in Vegas. Things between the two former foes are on such great terms now, a heap of new music is in the works. “They working on a project, I can’t really talk about what they’re working about or what’s going on. It’s going to be some dope shit though for sure,” Mal told TMZ.

As for if Rihanna’s name was a topic of discussion during the peace treaty, Mally notes, “I think everyone gets the picture now. You act like a jump off, you get treated like one you know what I’m saying?” Ouch. As for Mally, his EP drops – because of course he’s got one in the works – in August entitled Mally’s World.

Back to the matter at hand, however. As a word of caution, these superstar collaboration albums/mixtapes/EPs rarely come to fruition. In the event said mythical Drake and Chris joint project ever does materialize – even if its some random 3-5 song EP uploaded in the dead of night on OVO’s website – expect Twitter to officially implode.*

* – My money’s still on a last second single added to Brown’s new album, X.

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