Drake And Diddy Are Reportedly Working Together Now That Their Beef Is Squashed

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05.20.15 13 Comments
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P. Diddy has seen a rap rivalry become real hostility, so he knows just how quickly things can go awry. His “beef” with Drake likely wasn’t headed in the deadly direction of the 2Pac-Biggie feud that Puff found himself in nearly two decades ago, but he clearly knows making money is the much more preferable proposition.

Now that Diddy and Drizzy have officially called a truce, it seems they’re moving on to bigger and better things. According to TMZ, after speaking on the phone to dead the rift, they’ve also met up face to face and discussed going into business together in the future. They reportedly explored a plethora of options including collaborating on clothing, jewelry, or cigars. The duo didn’t come to an agreement or settle on one specific venture, but we shouldn’t be surprised to see something come to fruition in the near future.

Again, Diddy has been here before and knows firsthand how a silly conflict like this can blow up in an instant, so it’s simply smarter to turn the situation into something positive. While Drake and Puff might not be stupid enough to do something drastic, there surely are enough wannabe tough guys around the breadwinners of the clique that are willing to do something dumb to “protect” their superstar friend. Now there’s no need, and these two ridiculously rich guys can go about getting even richer.

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