Drake Called Out Joe Budden At A Show And Now Joe Is Excited

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07.22.16 32 Comments

Maybe Drake will diss Joe Budden after all. With an odd, and probably calculated sense of timing Drake sent a shot at Joe Budden Thursday night at his Summer Sixteen tour stop in Dallas, a year to the day after Meek Mill outed Drake for utilizing ghostwriters.

Just a night after dissing either Tory Lanez and/or Tyga at his Austin stop, the 6 God sent as direct a shot as he ever has at Joe. First he told the crowd “We got that good energy going on. I should’ve brought Joe Budden up here, let him do ‘Pump It Up’ one time tonight,” before mocking Budden’s 2003 hit. After some laughs from the crowd Drake quipped “F**k the n***a,” before moving on. Maybe he doesn’t take it to wax and actually make a diss song, but this is truly Drizzy’s first actual acknowledgement of Joe and his recent attack on him.

Joe is never one to miss a beat, especially online, so obviously he got wind of Drake’s shot and hopped straight on Twitter as deviously as ever.

A minute later he noted that this may finally be the deed that sheds him of his “irrelevant” label.

Before signing off.

Knowing Joe, he probably has a few diss tracks left in the vault just in case Drake gets froggy. For Drake, it’s a little surprising but he’s used the comfort of the stage to send his shots before so it’s hardly new behavior. Still, this feels like Aubrey walking straight onto the mouse trap Budden set weeks ago and unless he has something up his sleeve it could be a big mistake.

Or, Drake’s fans will just continue singing his pop smashes and not caring about archaic rap rules or braggadocio. Yeah, it’ll probably be that.

Update: Looks like Drake might be doubling up on the disses.

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