Drake – “Find Your Love” Video

05.11.10 8 years ago 37 Comments

Drake is looking for love. And the rest of us are looking for a reason to like this song. Now, there’s a video to accompany the Kanye-produced “Find Your Love” from Drake’s upcoming Thank Me Later debut. In the clip, Drizzy channels his days as Jimmy to show off his acting chops in a video that’s as over-dramatic as Gossip Girl. The agony is prolonged by random breaks for dialogue that adds nothing at all. If deflated expectations made a sound, it would be Auto-Tuned and say “hey hey hey” at the beginning.


“I betta find a reason/to buy this albummmm whennn it dropssss/cuz I don’t see one”

On the bright side, there’s ample bottomness in leather pants, but you can skip to the end for that.

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