Watch Drake’s New Short Film, ‘Jungle’

02.12.15 3 years ago 32 Comments

Drake’s OVO crew definitely keeps owl-like hours. Their normal routines consists of dropping music in the dead of night, but today they switched it up a bit by releasing a video short (or short film, I suppose) entitled Jungle early this morning.

Clocking in right at 15 minutes, the cameras follow Drake around what we’ll assume is Toronto as he spends time traveling through the cold nights with friends and sitting around looking pensive (early on, he contemplates, “The whole energy out here is just changing…it’s just getting dark, man, quick.”). Mix in a couple of cute kid throwback clips and audio proof that all of Drizzy’s friends speak with accents and that sums up most of what’s here. Speaking of accents, how come Iggy gets railed for not rapping with hers but Drake doesn’t? Because here, the twang is running all through his voice. Dah well.

Where’s the music? There’s only a glimpse, so anyone who came in hoping to hear something may as well keep on truckin’. Don’t worry though because strong word is that much-rumored mixtape releases towards the final days of the month.


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