Drake’s First Week Sales Are Impressive To Everyone But Lil Wayne

11.23.11 6 years ago 65 Comments

If you haven’t heard by now, the numbers are in and Drizzy done good. Well, that’s if you consider schlepping 631,466 copies of Take Care and topping the charts in the first week merely good. When asked about those numbers by MTV, Lil Wayne shared that he wasn’t too concerned with or impressed by the first week figures. Actually, he gave a very nonplussed response by saying “we rich as sh*t, so numbers and record sales…that don’t matter to us. We just want to get a point across.”

Well, Mr. Tunechi, point taken.

Not only have you let the world know who Hip-Hop’s two biggest forces are, retail-wise, but you’ve also let us know it’s okay to bootleg YMCMB releases from here on out. Because, quite frankly, if the president of the company arrogantly says he’s so paid that record sales from his flagship artist are irrelevant, then financially supporting that artist would be pretty stupid of us. They’re coasting, we’re not. They don’t need the money, we do. So, if all Wayne wants to do is make a point, then he’d be satisfied by hearing Drizzy’s album was the most downloaded of all time, despite having six-figure sales, right? I mean, why would anyone spend their ten bucks on Take Care or an indigestible album like Carter IV, when the music is readily available for free and artists like Childish Gambino and Mac Miller are putting out quality projects solo dolo and without magnified co-signs? That would be like me going to the grocery store with a hankering for cookies, then walking right passed the Girl Scouts freezing outside the front door and heading towards the back to buy Oreos. It’s just a bad move.

At this point, though, the numbers are in and the people have spoken. But, it poses the question: have you supported this project? And, if so, how do Wayne’s comments make you feel about your purchase? Was it money well-spent or would the CD-R copy have gotten the job done? Are any of you fans waiting to buy it during holiday shopping now less inclined to cop, knowing that your money will be used by Lil Twist to wipe his ten-year-old ass?

Not me. I was more than happy to give Mediafire 30 seconds of my time in exchange for Aubrey’s album and it was definitely time well spent.

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