Being A Part Of Drake’s Songwriting Camp Sounds Like Actual Camp

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Drake’s songwriting process has been good rap debate fodder ever since Wikimeeks tweeted out those surprising ghostwriter claims six months ago. The Toronto king later admitted needing “individuals to spark an idea,” but, apparently, nobody cares that much because Drake’s been putting out enjoyable material since the tweet, and the king stays the king.

However, for anyone wondering how that OVO Sound magic happens, Majid Jordan shed some light during a recent interview with Ebro In The Morning.

While promoting their self-titled debut album, the OVO duo talked about creating “Hold On, We’re Going Home” for Drake and how he had them sleeping in tents inside the studio. “The song wasn’t just something we had ready and prepared, explained Majid Al Maskati. “We got back to Toronto and they were just starting the beginning of Nothing Was The Same, in 2013, and they basically put us in the studio—it was basically like a studio camp, almost. There were tents in there, people flying in.” Partner Jordan Ullman confirmed, revealing, “There are tents in the studio. I slept in a tent.”

Majid said they were making beats for months before eventually making “Hold On…” and handing it over to Drake. “We put it on a USB for Drake to drive home to one night. He drove home, he showed up the next day and he had tracked it. And they were like, ‘We love this song. This is [the single].'”

“Hold On…” would end up giving Drake his 11th No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart, and a song to play at wedding receptions and family cookouts.

Drake’s camp doesn’t sound as grueling as Dr. Dre’s sweatshop, where the rapper said he was paid thousands to sit in a room with other writers and “churn out product all day” in what he also described as some of the most “strenuous militant sh*t” he’s ever done.

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