Drake and Tinashe Get Steamy Together ‘On A Wave’

05.22.15 3 years ago 4 Comments

Drake knows it’s never a mistake when she leaves her favorite sweater at the crib but apparently Tinashe knows that all is fair in love and war. The trials and tribulations of a relationship with benefactors in two different life zones always makes for ripe songs, but inevitably results in broken hearts and for Aubrey’s sake, it better not be my Tinashe feeling the brunt of it.

Whoever broke the seal at the studio is going to catch an OVO doorstop to the face from Chubbs because the leaks keep coming. Earlier on Friday, the Tinashe featured “On a Wave” exploded onto the Internets and it’s a scorcher with both young bucks putting in some steamy work.

While the TSS family’s still stuck rewinding her last video to make sure the safety regulations at the shipping yard were all met, Tinashe was oiling up her legs and stepping into the booth for one of her most sultry yet demure performances yet. Clocking in at just over two minutes, “On A Wave” is likely a simple Calabasas safehouse reference session gone awry on the ‘net as Drizzy only drops a few bars but if the rest of his new project is like this, consider us eagerly anticipating it.

Someone needs to tell 40 to check his assistant engineers. If anyone can keep a close circle, it’s them OVO boys but these leaks are getting out of control this week.

Until the full song gets an authorized release, click here to listen to “On A Wave.”

(H/T Billboard)

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