Watch Drake Way Before Rap In A Really Awful Short Film Called ‘Us And Them’

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02.20.15 16 Comments

Before catching on as a rap artist, Drake was better known as an actor on DeGrassi. Everyone knows that. But there’s a 99% chance not very many have ever seen short film of Drake alongside his former BFF Mazin Elsadig, current woe OB O’Brien, and a guy who looks very much like his real cousin, OVO Ryan, acting in what’s some sort of short film titled Us & Them.

Created circa 2008, this was Aubrey before he became Drake and the ensuing rap career that boosted him into the worldwide phenom that he is now. There’s the Acura, the BlackBerry with the side scroll and other trappings we’ve heard about over the years. There’s also really terrible acting and very surreal, Drakish moments where he’s snapping selfies while laying in bed and, above all, we now know the origin of the GIF below.



(via Fader)

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