Drake’s Officially Done With Common, Apologizes To Vanessa Bryant

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01.30.12 59 Comments

Drake took the diplomatic approach when asked to expand on why he wouldn’t be responding to Common’s invitation to battle and essentially saying “for shame” to the Chi-town vet for even starting the whole thing up. In a recent interview with Nah Right’s nation, Drake explained that he doesn’t want to create a “moment” for anyone and feels Com’s move was just a ploy to sell records. He also took the time to clarify the intent behind his now famous “bitch, you wasn’t with me shooting at the gym” line aimed at Kobe Bryant’s ex, Vanessa.

So people want to know: will you respond to Common?

“No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.

There’s a line from your “Stay Schemin” verse about Kobe’s soon to be ex-wife Vanessa that has gotten some negative attention. Can you speak to what you were trying to express with that line?

“That line came from a conversation about being this young and making this much money and the fear of losing it all. I just used his potential situation to address my own life. I never intended to offend Vanessa or anyone else. That line had everything to do with me and what goes on in my head as a 25 year old man with this much income flowing in. Kobe is and always will be a friend and an icon to me.”

And with that, we presumably close the chapter on what should’ve could’ve would’ve been an entertaining verbal matchup. Jokes aside, credit due to Drake for displaying one thing a lot of rappers today lack – media training. Yes, quite a polished set of responses from a guy who says he one day wants to be President Obama.


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