Dream Deferred…

07.18.08 9 years ago 48 Comments

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That a man be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin was the dream of a martyr, but never a reality amongst his people.

It still isn’t, unfortunately, and this isn’t news to any of us.

Therefore anybody whimpering and whining over this cover should really reassess themselves and realize that all this racial bashing is to be expected. There’s no need to marvel and be speculative. Just keep moving along kids, there’s nothing to see here.

Well, there is one thing to see.

Before I get into that, let me be clear that Obama is that dude. He’s (part) Kenyan, he watches The Wire, lauds Jay-z and thinks Lil’ Wayne is a moron. All these are thoroughly dapworthy qualities in a leader and for that he gets my thumbs up. (none) Plus he’s married to Michelle. In the wise words of APT, “She’s a fly chick…I’d hit.” I’d fist bump that on stage with a smile. Word is bond.

But back to the larger issue and what we should be seeing. Our part to play in realizing this change we all deem necessary is greater than his, because our stake in its success is larger. Also, beyond being a leader, and an icon, Obama can’t extend himself to any more causes. The man is running for presidency of the republic. He is neither Martin Delany, Huey Newton, nor Marcus Garvey. He probably does not relate to your personal struggle, nor is he trying to further it. Creating any misconceived parallels between this man and Dr. King would be grossly misguided. Aside from the fact that he may want to avoid standing on balconies in Tennessee, the two are not in the least similar.

Truth be told, a certain reality check has to be written, and cashed, not by the overly apt man gunning for top seat, but by the large majority of you overcrowding his lap.

Yes, we understand that this is a momentous occasion for the youth, Democrats, and minorities across the board. But don’t sing “Kumbaya” just yet.

Should he win, it would mostly complicate issues and heighten tensions because he’ll be government property at that point. He’d become just another man in a suit with a red tie, sitting behind a funny-shaped desk. At best, he’ll be Bill Clinton, Season 2, minus the knob-slobbing interns.

He will however afford all of us the opportunity to create change, win lose or draw. But that’s not something to celebrate; that’s a call to work. A cry to rise up against injustices, inequalities and all this. It is far from being a victory, so sit your happy-go-lucky flabcheeks back down. Should he win, we the people will be the ones left to slay the dragon.

And I believe we can do our part, just like I believe he can do his.

This is the vision he embodies in his campaign. This is the vision we should share.

But having a vision and actualizing it are two very different things. One requires you to be awake.

*snaps fingers*

You all awake yet?

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