Drew Brees Somehow Just Got More Awesome

01.25.11 7 years ago 29 Comments

I’m just going to get this out of the way right now: this post may be biased.

Drew Brees is our Lord and savior. And despite the fact Breesus and his Disciples got bounced from the playoffs in embarrassing fashion, his legend continues to rise.

In light of Jay Cutler’s Vagina-gate 2011 – where it was finally revealed that the QB was not, in fact, suffering from menstrual cramps and he did actually have a sprained MCL – news has surfaced that sweet and sour Breesus played six freakin’ weeks with a sprained MCL.

The guys over at Shutdown Corner got to hear from the Burning Bush:

SC: The big news of the weekend, as I’m sure you’re aware, wasn’t the Steelers and the Packers advancing to the Super Bowl, but of Jay Cutler’s injury. It was revealed Monday that he suffered an MCL tear. A lot of players on Twitter and television shows criticized Cutler for coming out of the game. Your teammate, Heath Evans(notes), was on ESPN today and questioned it. He said you played six weeks this season with an MCL sprain of your own. Is it ever fair to question the players toughness like that?

DB: No, it’s not fair unless you know exactly what it is. And I think at this point there’s varying degrees of when MCL tear or sprain can be. In essence, it’s the same thing. An MCL sprain means you tore your MCL to some degree. In some cases I know players that have torn an MCL and been out for six weeks. In some cases it’s four weeks. In some cases it’s two. And sometimes you’re able to fight through and play. None of us know exactly what is, nobody except Jay Cutler and the Bears training staff. So it’s nothing that any of us have the right to comment on because we just don’t know.

SC: Did you play this season with a sprained MCL?

DB: I did, I did.

SC: And will that require surgery in the off-season or is that something that heals on its own?

DB: No, it heals on its own. I think there might be the most severe cases where there might be some kind of repair that would require surgery but in the majority of cases it’s something that just heals on its own.

Dear Mr. Cutler, Drew Brees just ate your lunch and banged your sister. For the record, I think Cutler should have been out there playing. If not, he should have been screaming at his coaching staff or helping his back-ups. One of the most tragic things I remember seeing in sports was Colt McCoy hurting his shoulder in the National Championship a couple of years ago and the kid was on headsets and damn near in tears when he did his post-game interview because he couldn’t play. Cutler just had the “oh well, she didn’t take the roufie” look on his face. Then he had the nerve to rub it in Chicago’s face by taking the stairs to a celebratory “we just loss” steak dinner in Chicago. The Bears won’t win anything as long as Cutler is their QB. Sorry.

Now, I’m off to sacrifice a goat to my Drew Brees statue.

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