Nobody Loves Rick Ross More Than ‘Drunk’ Cuba Gooding, Jr

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03.07.16 5 Comments

It looks like the Cuba Gooding, Jr we know from Big Time in Hollywood, FL is pretty much like the Cuba Gooding, Jr we know in real life.

The 48-year-old actor was spotted on complete tilt while partying with Rick Ross at the infamous LIV nightclub in Miami Sunday night. Cuba couldn’t get enough of the Biggest Bawse’s hits, dancing around shirtless with a sweater swinging from his head. At one point, the Oscar winner tries to lift/carry a woman but fails miserably and just gets back to entertaining whatever influence he’s under instead.

There was also this hilariously strange moment when he tried to eat another partygoer’s phone.

#cubagoodingjr BEYOND lit at #livonsunday in #Miami – powered @headlinerworld

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Earlier this year, Cuba was captured by TMZ looking quite intoxicated after the Oscars. And let’s not forget his drunk bar speech from a few years back. Then, there was his NHL Awards appearance where he really looked out of it, randomly kicking and screaming while presenting awards. Sure he may be drunk, but drunk Cuba seems like the best Cuba.


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