Drunk Driver Crashes A House Party, Gets Beat Up By Other Drunks

07.17.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

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A man suspected of drunk driving got his a** kicked by other drunks for crashing their party, literally.

On Sunday night, Seattle police received reports of a possible drunk driver in one local neighborhood. That unnamed driver reportedly ended up driving straight through a wooden fence and crashing into the front of a home in the neighborhood. From there, the scene turned from bad to worse.

sheriff’s spokesman Det. Ed Troyer stated “Some of the partygoers, who had also been drinking, promptly got down, took the driver out of the car, assaulted him and gave him a pretty good beating.” At one point, over a dozen drunks were beating on the other drunk. Nearby neighbors watched and listened to the scene unfold.

“I hear: ‘Drag him out of the car. Let’s kill this mother (expletive),'” said one of the neighbors, Rob Davidson. “They have the guy out of the car and they’re kicking him while he’s on the ground.”

According to Davidson, he threw himself into the fray by trying to protect the driver until police arrived. And when deputies did show up, even they weren’t able to calm the scene initially. In fact, they charged the officers. “We arrived and almost had a mini-riot, and had to pepper spray to clear the crowd,” Troyer said.

Police managed to secure the scene and found drunk #1 unconscious beside his car. He was ultimately taken the to hospital and arrested for investigation of DUI. Meanwhile, two of the 12 assailants reportedly were arrested for their role in the assault.

The deputies used an entire can of pepper spray to get the crowd to move back, then arrested two men for investigation of assault on the driver. Meanwhile, the driver was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment of his injuries and will be arrested for investigation of DUI.

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