Drunk Teens Steal A Lllama, Llama Has The Best Damn Night Of His Life

11.07.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

drunk teens steal llama

Did you hear the story about Serge, the llama?

It seems that a few French teens got a little drunk and stumbled upon Serge, a circus llama, while leaving a club in Bordeaux, France. Being the inebriated but obviously brilliant minds that they were, the kids decided to take Serge along with them for part of their night’s adventures. Again, being teens, they did what any self-respecting teenager would do in 2013: they took pictures with Serge and posted them on social networks.

Not only that but they also decided to take their new llama friend onto the train. Reportedly, they were heard yelling “you can meet my llama” at other passengers*. Of course, a big ass llama obviously created enough attention of its own and the train operator alerted the authorities. The teens were arrested at the next stop upon which the circus director called to the scene.

Here’s the kicker: even though he was pissed, the director decided against pressing charges because Serge’s romp through the city garnered a whole heap of attention for the circus. Serge even ended up with his own Tumblr page.

I agree with the director’s decision. Sure, Serge got llama-naped but look how happy he looks in that damn picture.

Photo: Twitter/@x_cappelaere

* — Okay, I made that part up but it’s totally plausible since we’re talking about drunk kids.

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