Duece Poppi – “Go Poppi Go”

01.26.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

While most of the rap world is either trying to A) Keep it hood or B) go pop (so they don’t have to keep it hood, of course), way down in ATL a young man named Duece Poppi is trying to recreate a scene.

Instead of capitalizing on the Crunk or Trap music his hometown is known for, this grounded Slip-N-Slide resider is taking the South back to its roots with some good ol’ fashioned rock-n-roll on his new Animal House single, “Go Poppi Go.” The excursion into Chuck-Berry-territory still finds Poppi popping off about some exhausted everyday topics, but the contemporary and club-ready reworking of “Johnny B Goode” would leave even Marty McFly jamming out.

It’s not the most original song in the world, but it is an enjoyable listen and much more authentic than anything the Shop Boyz ever came up with.


Download — Duece Poppi – “Go Poppi Go”

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