A Day In The Life Of Hell Rell

01.21.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

On everything, there aren’t many uploads better in Hip-Hop than a Hell Rell interview. And I mean that in all seriousness. While 2005-2006 may have been the highlight of his musical career, it must be said that if he could create even a hint of commercial success, he’d be a talk host’s dream. Imagine Ruger on Jimmy Kimmel indulging about all things hood, ghetto and fresh. Until this is achieved, I’ll take the occasional video and a countless quotables which come with it. Duke Da God caught up with Rell in the streets (literally) where they chop it up on a variety of subjects including Cam’ron, Kanye, porn, Alicia Keys and Ma$e.

But really, it’s the quotables we came here for. Like last time, consider this a preview:

1. “If you ain’t doin’ what I’m doing, you wack, nigga. If you ain’t out here smokin’ blunts and wearing muthafuckin’ $500 belts and $500 hats, you wack. (pause) 300.” — Who said there’s no money in the rap game?

2. “Kanye need to send me some beats man. For real, man. I need something from Kanye man, I ain’t gon’ front. He don’t fuck with hood niggas. Nah mean? He need to give me some of that shit. KiD CuDi ain’t really doing it right. Nah mean? I’ll swag that shit out.” — ‘Swag’ ain’t dead until Ruger says so. I bet CuDi won’t swing on Rell though.

3. “I’d rather the ass over the face. That’s how my nigga Killa do it. He don’t care if a bitch got a eye in the middle of her head, as long as she got a phat ass.” — Proof that even King Jaffe Joe himself has a skeleton (or two) in the closet.

Again, if this guy ever managed to establish any hint of a mainstream buzz, he definitely wouldn’t have a problem landing an interview. Makes me wonder why there hasn’t to be a Hell Rell/Ron Artest clip yet though.

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