Miami Hurricanes Tailback Duke Johnson Suffers Season-Ending Ankle Injury

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Life appeared prosperous like summers on South Beach for the University of Miami football program just 72 hours ago. They avoided crippling punishment from the always-fair NCAA governing board. They had a Zach Morris cell phone-sized chip on their shoulder after finding out Vegas gave them an ice cube’s chance in hell heading into their game versus in-state rival Florida State. And to top it off, the Canes were No. 7 in the BCS.

Then the second half in Saturday’s contest in Tallahassee happened and the bottom dropped out. As if getting curb stomped 41-14 wasn’t bad enough, Miami lost all-everything running back Duke Johnson late in the third quarter with what was billed as a sprained ankle. Turns out, South Florida’s most famous ankle wasn’t sprained. It’s broken.

Duke Johnson injury

So where exactly does this leave Miami? It all depends if the glass is half empty or half full. Johnson was Miami’s best player and he’ll be wearing street clothes the rest of the season. Plus, quarterback Stephen Morris is battling a sprained Achilles. And next week brings Virginia Tech. This is also the same Tech that’s riding a two-game losing streak and little-to-no confidence in their signal caller Logan Thomas. Beat them and it’s only Duke, UVA and Pittsburgh, all winnable games.

Run the table and a chance remains Miami could see Florida State in the ACC Championship (pending nothing crazy happens) December 7 in Charlotte. Granted, without Johnson for a potential rematch against the ‘Noles, that 21-point spread from last weekend could balloon to 30. And you know what Miami fans? A chance was all the great Lloyd Christmas needed in Dumb & Dumber.*

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* – And by “chance,” I mean to play FSU again. Not beat them.

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