Duran – Stargazers: The Preamble Mixtape

04.26.13 4 years ago

The cool thing about the Internet is there’s always the opportunity to revisit a project, idea, event or article. Most of the time, it’s not going anywhere. Such was the train of thought with Duran’s Stargazers: The Preamble mixtape.

Released in February, the Maryland MC, currently residing in Atlanta – whose Trayvon Martin tribute number once took him all the way to CNN studios – dropped off the 12 song project with production from Marc Real, MikeAaron, Phil J. Fly and more. Based off personal listening experience with Gazers, the music is quite diverse ranging from the trunk heavy “Leanin'” to the inner-directed “Almost Perfect” and “Forget Me Now” and several other approaches littered throughout.

Consider it a buffet of sounds, instrumentation and melodies, if you will.

DownloadDuran – Stargazers: The Preamble

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