EA Makes NBA Elite Hit The Bench, Subs In NBA Jam

09.28.10 7 years ago 26 Comments

Looks like NBA Elite 11 isn’t living up to its namesake. EA Sports decided to pull the plug on the game’s launch next week after realizing it wasn’t ready for prime time. Its demo got a seismic ton of criticism across the internet mainly for it’s new, half-baked controls. You already know I didn’t like them, so there’s no argument here. Plus I’m willing to assume this video spreading across the web didn’t help Elite’s cause. Press play and you’ll see what I mean.

Andrew Bynum “just standing like Jesus in the middle of the court.” > NBA Elite‘s marketing campaign.

There’s no concrete date for NBA Elite 11 although EA seems adamant on getting it back on track for release by mid-season. In the meantime, EA Sports will update NBA Live 10’s rosters for the 10-11 season free of charge. But EA revealed that they’ll liberate The PS3 and XBox 360 versions of NBA Jam from Elite’s cold hands. I’m happy about this as a consumer since I’ll have a choice to cop a game I’m interested in with no strings attached. There’s no news on whether or not it’ll be a downloadable or retail title. I wouldn’t put it past EA to push it on store shelves as it’s slated for release this holiday season however.

Via Kotaku

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