Earl Sweatshirt Blasts Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Video As ‘Offensive’

08.19.14 2 years ago 93 Comments
Taylor Swfit Shake it Off Video


Taylor Swift debuted her ‘Shake It Off’ video yesterday to much fanfare and some controversy. I haven’t seen it and neither has Earl Sweatshirt but that’s not stopping him from being a common Internet user and sharing his thoughts on it anyway.

After presumably seeing some video stills, The Odd Future-er called out the pseudo-country singer on Twitter last night for “perpetuating black stereotypes.”

Taylor Swift Shake It Off Video 2


Looks like at some point, Taylor gets very *finger snaps, neck rolls* “Oh no you di’n’t, girlfriend!” with her look and other cringe-worthy stuff. Earl thinks the video, which apparently also features twerking background dancers, is “inherently offensive” and “ultimately harmful.” Especially since Taylor caters to a “demographic of white girls” who love that “it’s ok to be trill or twerk or say n*gga.”

Earl sweatshirt tweets 3


Earl sweatshirt tweets 2


Earl sweatshirt tweets


I would blame Katy Perry for kicking in the appropriation door and waving the bubblegum pink-colored 44, but Gotty’s a KatyCat and I need this hack writing job. Sorry!

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