Retro Predictions: “What Michael Jackson May Look Like In The Year 2000”

07.17.09 9 years ago 29 Comments

Words By Prop Jay

The year is 1985. Pepsi has begun to find their groove, Thriller is still blowing up the charts and little Michael is still black.

Ebony Magazine, with the foresight of a lemming, has decided to project what the figures of the era will look like when cars fly (presumably, the year 2000). The only problem: They chose the wrong motherfucker to hypothesize about. You can see their projection of MJ above.

Using statements like “aged gracefully” and “handsome” are only excerpts of their totally bungled article. But in their defense, who would have thought Jackson was going to lose it and mutilate himself? I’m not one to say anything disrespectful about the dead, especially a legend, so it ends here but check out the link below to see an imagining of how the magic happened.

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