Because Eddie Murphy’s Cookout Joke From ‘Delirious’ Will Never Not Be Perfect For Memorial Day

05.26.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

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“I’m cooking motherf*cking burgers and Franks. I’m not cooking a brontosaurus burger in this motherf*cker. This ain’t the motherf*cking Flintstones, Gus.”

With Memorial Day weekend being the unofficial kickoff to grilling season, now is as good a time as ever to revisit Eddie Murphy’s take on the always-hilarious family cookout from his 1983 standup, Delirious. What’s funny is nearly every family has an Uncle Gus, Aunt Bunny and Eddie’s pops in some regard.

Especially his dad, the family member who gets drunk and goes off soliloquies that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, sometimes over a game of Spades. No one takes him seriously, but watching him slip slower and slower into a drunken slumber has become somewhat of a summertime tradition.

Nevertheless, enjoy the holiday weekend, kick it with family and friends and, most importantly, be safe. Oh, and don’t be that guy to come to the cookout empty-handed. There’s a special place in cookout hell for those people. And, yes, bringing napkins to a cookout still constitutes as “empty-handed” unless deemed acceptable beforehand.

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