Watch Elephant Man’s ‘Shmoney Dance’ Video Ft. Bobby Shmurda

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
09.14.14 8 Comments

Here’s dancehall hitmaker Elephant Man’s new video for “Shmoney Dance,” inspired by Bobby Shmurda, who also appears in the video.

After a short but strong run, Shmurda’s “Hot N****” has made it. Two weeks ago, Tins dubbed it the song of the summer and it’s hard to think of another track that stretched as far and wide, crossing age, ethnic and genre boundaries. Even today, we got a glimpse of the dance associated with the song on the FIBA World Cup medal stand courtesy of Team USA. Point blank: it’s inescapable.

But, for all my New Yorkers and folks above the Mason-Dixon, I’d like to say that we’re even. Don’t say nothing else about the South and “Laffy Taffy” when it comes to making songs with goofy, ubiquitous dances.

Watch out for GS9’s Rowdy Rebel.

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