How-To Ball With Expensive Watches The Same Way Your Favorite Rappers Do

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eleven james watches

The ultra high-end luxury watch has been an item of fascination, at least for me, for many, many years. Of course, like every other normal person, I don’t belong in the ultra high-end luxury tax bracket, so hearing about Audemars in rap and seeing pictures of Rolexes on Instagram is the closest I’ve come to actually putting one on my wrist.But, for anybody who’s actually serious about those kinds of timepieces, NYC company Eleven James has a very real way of sharing the sweet taste of exorbitance.

The company uses the Netflix model, and charges a monthly subscription fee to members, and in exchange, allows users to try a new watch every two months. And members aren’t just flying solo as every one is assigned a personal timekeeper to help them narrow selections from the collection.

“The Eleven James Concierge works diligently with our members in order to determine their specific watch profiles, incorporating their unique interests, tastes, and personalities. The Concierge also continues to refine watch selections using feedback on watches members have previously received from Eleven James.”

At $250 a month, it’s still quite the expense, but infinitely cheaper than the retail price tag on some of these joints. Their catalog boasts models from Rolex, Piguet, Paneria, and IWC, making the service a grand way to try different pieces and really explore new styles without wasting away too much cash. Then, too, the company offers buying options in case one should fall in love with a previously worn model.

For anyone with more time than money, Eleven James makes a good amount of sense.

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