Elle Varner Ft. A$AP Ferg – “Don’t Wanna Dance”

07.10.14 3 years ago 3 Comments

Elle Varner - Don't Wanna Dance

We’re at the social half-way point for summer music. We’ve gone through the lull then POP that is Memorial Day weekend and just coming off the high of the 4th of July. At this point we’re almost close to our quota on cookouts and the accompanying theme music. The opportune word is “almost”, so thankfully this new banger from the incredibly gorgeous Elle Varner* is here to give us another song to play while Uncle James cooks up some more burger and Big Mama “collars” up some greens**.

Singing with her signature upbeat energy and playful vibe, Elle’s “Don’t Wanna Dance” gives us a song that straddles the line between a feel good mid-tempo track and contemplative, relationship ballad worthy of Aubrey. Adding just the right amount of swag to the track, A$AP Ferg lends a verse that would make ‘00s Fab proud. Speaking of, perhaps it’s the creative use of a Kanye West sample, but the song has all the sounds of an early aught banger. All we need is a hot video at a beach with Elle Varner showing all the right amounts of skin and I think she might have a hit on her hands.

Ms. Varner’s upcoming LP, 4 Letter Word, doesn’t have a release date yet, but this should certainly build her a nice buzz.

* — Do we need to remind you how thick she is?

** — I hope that Tropic Thunder reference does not go over too many heads.

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