So, Elmo Was Having Crystal Meth Sex Parties With Underage Boys

03.19.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

As if your childhood couldn’t be anymore ruined than it already has been with news of Elmo’s sexual indiscretions, word has come out that Kevin Clash, voice of the iconic Sesame Street character, was also doing crystal meth.

Clash’s main accuser is Sheldon Stephens. Stephens claims he was 16 years old when he met Kevin Clash at an actors networking event. Sheldon Stephens says he and Kevin Clash began a sexual relationship shortly after meeting at the event. According to Sheldon Stephens, he was routinely picked up by a chauffeur and brought to Clash’s New York apartment for sex and drug use. Clash allegedly smoked crystal meth right before the pair had sex and gave him pills to pop in order to heighten the sexual experience.

Read the full article at The Urban Daily.

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