The iPod Shuffle – Elzhi’s “Life’s A Bitch”

02.08.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

Anyone who knows me well will tell you how strongly my feelings are for The Gap Band’s eternal baby-maker, “Yearning For Your Love.” Maybe the nicest slow jam ever, in my book. However, before hearing Elzhi’s Elmatic back in 2011, I somehow had no clue Charlie Wilson’s group was sampled for Nas & AZ’s Illmatic classic “Life’s A Bitch.” I know, right? It’s so obvious, now.

Despite my ignorance, the reason I bring the story up is because El’s version recently shuffled it’s way into my regular rotation and I’ve just been in awe of how layered this track is. Essentially, the Royce-assisted cut finds Elzhi & his band Will Sessions covering both a Nas song and the original Gap Band sample it flipped and turning them into one cohesive masterpiece, featuring everything one could want in urban music. The concept’s somewhat confusing on paper, but really quite impressive via headphones.

And, to think…I thought this project was a bad idea when he announced it.

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