Emilio Rojas – “Champion” Video

05.09.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

This was ready to roll on Friday, but for most of us, I figured Emilio Rojas’ empowering “Champion” video might be a better fit after punching out of a long Monday on the clock. Directed by Redd Pen Media and featuring the NY native living out his dreams of damnation for those who push us to the brink, this Life Without Shame feature fulfills our fantasies visually, so we don’t have to eat three hots on a cot for the rest of our lives.

Beyond that, the sinister vision this viral carries compliments the menacing Illmind’s Dr. Dre-ish beat and ‘Lio’s quick-change flow like extra digits on a paycheck.

But remember, this is only a music video, people. Don’t go getting any ideas.

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