Emilio Rojas – “Right To Stay” Video

04.08.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Rappers rap but half of them ain’t saying nothing. Hip-Hop is about teaching through its urban art form. Emilio Rojas just so happens to be a gentleman and a scholar of the music that can feed the needy better than the nation’s best soup kitchen. Compliments to the chef as the most provocative cut from Life Without Shame is here for your eyes in case your ears didn’t catch it.

When it comes to news, out of sight, out of mind is the motto; an unjust rule of thumb for the meek. Racism and discrimination are still at large in this great country of ours but it doesn’t only apply to the citizens of African descent. If you think back to around this time last year, you’ll remember the state of Arizona trying to pull a fast one on the moral code by actually legalizing racial profiling. What you didn’t see was the gray area where rape and malice were used as leverage for allowing certain immigrants to stay put. It’s been going on since the end of time, but hopefully more cultural awareness of heinous activity can shine the blacklight on the perpetrators.

The guilty party? Chazzers. Simple as that.

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