I’m Not Impreeeeesed: Eminem’s 2011 Grammy Promo Commercial

01.07.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

Whenever anything Em drops, the reiteration by the media is so thick, I just assume you’ve already seen Slim’s commercial for The 53rd Grammys. If you haven’t, I’ll save you the trouble. For thirty brow-lowering seconds, viewers are driven through a beta version of Marshall Mathers’ virtual reality existence, which is reminiscent of a phased out clunker from Universal Studios. All the while, Samuel L. Jackson is yelling about how freaky Kim was, er…how much music can influence peoples’ lives. A worthy theme, but poorly executed, in my humble opinion.

Luckily, Em’s album should receive the proper accolades and trophies to compensate for lackluster promo. For an artist with the 10 nominations and best albums of 2010, you’d think they’d at least add in some 3-D.

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