Watch This Rare Eminem Interview From 1999 To Get Over The Sting From “Love Game”

10.31.13 4 years ago 37 Comments

eminem rare mtv interview 1999

A quick survey around the Internets sees rap kids unsettled over “Love Game.” The same observation applies to Marshall Mathers LP 2 but, since I don’t do leaks, I can’t chime in on the hate. Heads are really confused about Em’s m.o. these days. Maybe some old footage courtesy of MTV can readjust their perception of Marshall Mathers?

Young Em handles each question with direct replies. This response from the first video rings pretty loud, though.

“I feel like when people pop in the tape and they listen to Eminem they’re gonna know where I’m going with it and they’re gonna know I’m not trying to like…I’m not trying to, what’s the word, commodize, whatever, I’m not trying to bank off it. I’m not trying to capitalize off it. I’m just trying to do my thing. I’m trying to represent where I come from, where I grew up at, the type of lifestyle that I led growing up and just be myself and share my point of view with the world.

“And I feel like a lot of people are going to relate to what I’m saying because whether white, black, whatever nationality you are, there’s a lot of poor people, there’s a lot of lower class people in America. They can feel where I’m coming from. That’s why a lot of things I say, a lot of people can relate to like, ‘oh I’ve been there.’ I’m not the only person in the world that don’t give a fuck. There’s a lot of people in the world that feel like I do.”

Hear that?

That’s the sound of millions of Em’s fans fighting back tears. So, after watching the videos below, what do you think of Em’s career arch on the heels of MMLP2‘s release? Things got pretty rough in yesterday’s post so let’s see if cooler heads prevail in this comment section.

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