The Pharmacy…

11.19.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

Since we all secretly await any news with “Eminem” and “release date” in the tagline, I thought it’d only be right to share that Relapse: Refill drops December 22nd. No, untangle your panties, it’s not a new album. Instead, Interscope decided to re-release Relapse double-disc style, with seven new songs of psychosomatic insanity to spoil your holiday cheer. Not bad.

To me, it sounds like Jimmy I. canned any chance of Slim’s spilt-personality slipping into Relapse 2, by putting those specifically saved leftovers from Relapse onto Refill in order to recoup for 50’s latest dud, while subsequently turning the next Eminem studio album into the more commercial album B. Rab’s expected to make. Yet if that means Just Blaze is included and Slaughterhouse is lurking in The D, I’m all for it.

Eminem Orders Another Dose Of Relapse [Rap-Up]

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