Eminem Works Two Nights, Earns $3 Million For UK Shows

08.22.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

On Sunday night, I went to bed feeling pretty smug after a successful weekend of eBaying old crap from my closet paired with a weird, but welcome influx of Karmaloop sales boosting my account there. But my come-up felt minor once I heard Eminem reportedly made $3 million for a weekend’s work at the V Festival in England. According to the Sun, Em raked in two million pounds after headlining the festival and performing 90 minute set each day on Saturday and Sunday night With the exchange rate, he pocketed close to $3.3 million total.

Shameless plug: Use the Rep Code “SMOKING1” for 20% off your Karmaloop order. I’m going to nickel and dime my way up to Em money.

H/T: Broken Cool

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