Aww Yeah! ‘Entourage’ Movie Officially In The Works

01.30.13 5 years ago 40 Comments

From 2004-2011, HBO’s Entourage became something of a cult classic. And for at least one more round, the adventures of Vince, Drama, Turtle, Eric and Ari Gold will live another day in the form of a movie. That’s right, an Entourage silver screen adaptation. Fans of the series have been awaiting this announcement since the final episode aired nearly two years ago. To sweeten the pot, better news comes in knowing that series creator Doug Ellin and executive producer Mark Wahlberg being on board.

Contracts are still being worked out to bring the original cast back, which is a “must” if the film is to receive any sort of positive feedback. Wahlberg, even as far back as 2010, has been eager to bring the series to the big screen which is based loosely around his core group of friends.

“[The movie is] going to get back to the basics, kind of like the beginning of the series,” Wahlberg told Hollyscoop. “We had very strong female characters, but we want the guys to get back to just being guys … I think they were all weighed down by these strong women towards the end of the series, so we are going to get them going crazy. Everyone wants to see them get nuts again.”

From one fan’s wishlist, hopefully the movie picks up where the series ended (with Ari receiving a job offer at a major film studio). No release date has been announced or when production is set to begin. Rest assured yours truly, however, will be staying on top of this like Vince stayed on top of damn near every woman in Hollywood though.


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