Remember The “Homeless Lottery Winner”? His Story Just Got The Happiest Ending Ever

05.08.14 3 years ago 18 Comments

eric homeless lottery winner house

The power of the Internet, when harnessed for good, can create change unrivaled. The lessons learned through the latest update in the story of Eric, the homeless “lottery winner” who won over the hearts with one simple act of sharing.

Rahat, one of the guys behind the original video, has taken on Eric’s cause and set out with a goal to raise the money to help Eric switch from being the “homeless lottery winner” to “the homeowner.”

According to Rahat, the ‘net raised $44,000 for Eric in 17 days and the money was then taken to obtain Eric a home of his own. And for any naysayers, Rahat shares details in how the money was spent and will be accounted for to hopefully make sure Eric’s has a roof off his head for a considerable amount of time.

Pat yourself on the back, Internet. You helped make this happen.

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