Erykah Badu Wants Drake To Stand Up Like A Man And Throw Down*

10.06.13 4 years ago 53 Comments

Erykah Badu Drake Twitter

Everybody’s got advice on how Drake should respond to Kendrick’s BET diss aka the high five seen and heard around the world. That everybody includes Erykah Badu, who tweeted the above suggestion to Drake. But, if you’re a rapper, do you take heed to Badu’s advice or steer clear?

Me? I’d ignore her. Whatever Ms. Fat Booty says, do the opposite. She’s had too much of a negative effect on too many rappers’ careers. Furthermore, she seems friendly with Kendrick. She’s setting Drizzy up to get block knocked off.

Seen: HHDX

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* — Bonus to anyone who read Erykah message in that classic Bishop from Juice voice when he was telling Q to get the ground beneath his feet, the wind behind his back and go out in a blaze.

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