Erykah Badu Turns Kanye’s ‘Real Friends’ To ‘Trill Friends’

Life Writer
01.12.16 4 Comments

You can thank Drake for sparking a fire under Erykah Badu’s behind because just a few months after being inspired by her tea-time buddy and releasing her You Cain’t Use My Phone mixtape, Badu’s back in this bitch another ‘gain with a new one, this time inspired by Kanye.

Per her Soundcloud description, the hip-hop high priestess was “messing around this morning” with Kanye’s “Real Friends” and churned out “Trill Friends,” a very chill record that also incorporates lyrics from Whodini’s 32-year-old hit “Friends.” “Trill” is just the beginning as Erykah states a mixtape entitled, THIS $h!t TOO EASY, is on the horizon.

And speaking of the mixtape, THIS $h!t TOO EASY may feature Chance The Rapper if the Chicago MC has his way.

Stay tuned.

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