Eryn Allen Kane Delivers Her New Video, ‘Have Mercy’

04.29.15 3 years ago 6 Comments

Words By Jake Krez

A long wait came to an end today.

Finally, the world gets a full look at Eryn Allen Kane’s body of work as she steps out as one of the most highly-anticipated acts to emerge from Chicago’s bountiful coffers with her video for “Have Mercy,” directed by Austin Vesely. The visual is raw, putting Kane’s immense vocal ability on display perfectly here on the lead single from her upcoming Aviary album.

If you’ve paid attention to any of the music coming from the ‘Go as of late you’re probably already aware of the soulful stylings of Kane who has popped up in collaborations with Chance The Rapper, Saba and MC Tree among others, often taking a simple hook into something much larger. Having moved around the backdoors and studios of the city for the past two-and-a-half years, she’s no secret locally and it is truly exciting to see her finally show the world what she can do here.

Vesely pops up yet again, continuing his remarkable 2015 that has seen him drop visuals for Chance’s “Sunday Candy”, Marrow’s “Paulson” and Fool’s Gold artist tshawntrusst’s “I’m That N****”. He kills it here utilizing simple aesthetics while placing Kane front and center.

All journalism ethics aside, I personally couldn’t be more excited for an act coming out of Chicago than Eryn. The work has been done, the time has been spent and now it’s time for her to assert herself as one of the most impressive vocalists to come out of what has already become an extraordinary locale for musical talent. Don’t sleep.

Watch the video above and give it a few repeat plays on the player below.

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