Cold Weather Forces Escaped Prisoner To Run His A** Back To Jail

01.07.14 4 years ago 6 Comments


In what sounds like an old Johnny Carson routine, it was so cold in rural Kentucky on Sunday that a prisoner escaped to the outside, only to turn himself back in. The 42-year-old prisoner, Robert Vick, went toe-to-toe with the polar vortex and lost, lasting less than a day on the outside in the frigid conditions.

When confronting a meteorological phenomenon that sounds like a level on Sonic the Hedgehog, one must be prepared with the proper equipment. Vick apparently left his North Face back in his cell, since he broke out of the minimum-security facility in Lexington dressed in only the standard prison-issue jacket, khaki pants, and shirt just as temperatures were diving into the single digits. On Monday, Vick walked into the lobby of a nearby motel and asked the clerk to call the police, as he was ready to go back to jail.

Vick was serving six years for burglary, but clearly didn’t get a chance to steal himself a Triple Fat Goose, or a some hot cocoa.

Photo: Local 10 KY

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