Esperanza Spalding Has Three Things For You*

03.21.12 6 years ago

Esperanza Spalding, she of witty unpredictable talent and natural game plus beauty and a bad ass mane, is currently gearing up for the April 2 release of her full length project, Radio Music Society and the Grammy winner’s giving up the goods to make sure you’re in the know about it. Right now, her joint “Black Gold” is out this week and if you’re not up on it, give it a spin below. She’s also dropped a video for her new jam, “Radio Song,” which you also download from here in exchange for your email addy. As if those two pieces of content weren’t enough, the lovely lady is sharing a teaser trailerfor the feature length video which will accompany the album release. So alluring and kindhearted, too? Esperanza’s proof God’s still very much in the angel-making business.

Radio Music Society’s up for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

*Actually, her PR company’s the one disseminating the info but that’s only a degree or so of separation from Esperanza herself, which is good enough for me.

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