ESPN’s New World Cup Commercial Is Everything

01.04.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


Words by Alec Bojalad

Making a good World Cup commercial is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’d be impossible not to make a heart-pumping, epic ad for such an ancient, global event dripping in history. It’s such an awesome affair that it actually makes Americans care about soccer every four years.

Still ESPN earns a pat on the back for this minute-plus ad pumping up their June World Cup coverage.

This has everything: that one giant Jesus statue in Brazil becoming all growly, that one shot of Landon Donovan on an imaginary slip and slide and that one shot of Mario Balotelli looking like he just burned down a whole village.

And of course there are enough moments of young Brazilians playing futbol to make anyone who saw City of God a little more smug than usual.

Sure, the stadiums may be collapsing and the U.S. Men’s National Team may still be rocking back and forth in a corner after their Group of Death draw but ESPN has yet again made a superb ad for a beautiful sporting event that conveniently airs on ESPN.

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