All Of The Best And Most Surprising Rapper Stories From ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’

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Highly Questionable

Dan Le Batard is the host of ESPN’s afternoon talk show Highly Questionable. He and his dad, Papi, sit on a panel with esteemed talking head Bomani Jones. While reviewing sports and television moments of the week, the trio often enlists rap stars to help them interpret the ins and outs of pop culture.

Instead of tossing soft interview lobs to rap gents, however, Le Batard and Jones use their time to grill guests on embarrassing mishaps, public beefs, and the truthfulness of their tall tales. That straightforward approach has turned HQ into one of the best marriages of hip-hop and sports. Here are the best stories from your favorite rap stars:

2 Chainz On Almost Getting Robbed For His 2 Chains

Sometimes, it’s best to count your blessings. Other times, it’s best to name yourself after the number of chains you count on your neck. 2 Chainz explained to Le Batard and Jones about the time he got robbed for his chains, and how he escaped a hairy situation so he wouldn’t be forced to call himself “No Chainz.”

Two guys. Two guns. Two chains […] I just made my best attempt at running a 40 […] Being a rapper, it’s very important to hold on to your possessions, your jewelry. It’s real key.

Drake On Getting Rejected By The Miami Heat

After the Miami Heat won the 2012-13 championship, the 6 God wanted to rub elbows with players that (he swears) are his secret besties. Young Money artists enjoy courtside seat luxury in South Beach, as Birdman sips the most hardcore strawberry daiquiri on the menu. That privilege was not enough for a pass into the locker room, despite Drake admittedly living on a “24-hour champagne diet” and being really experienced with winning and celebration.

Only Aubrey could spin a huge public rejection into “the greatest night of his life,” when you hear him explain.

As a joke, I tried to go in with the media, through the media entrance as they were all, like, swarming in. It was just an amazing moment. My friend’s laughing because he was with me when it happened but — It’s one of my favorite moments of that night. That was a great night. One of the greatest nights of my life, but that was probably the highlight, was getting denied by that old guy. And it making news everywhere. I thought that was pretty…that was a classic moment. ‘Cause, I mean, I’m allowed to go in the Heat locker room, for the most part.

Fabolous On The Time Ray J Found His Joke Funny-Maybe-Not-Funny

Fabolous is a Twitter national treasure. His knack for punchlines translates so well in 140 characters that he often catches ire from sourpuss haters who won’t suffer jokes at their expense. Enter Ray J. Music stars like Ray J hang out with Floyd Mayweather and his entourage, The Money Team, because the only people who relate to being rich and famous are other rich and famous folks.

During a night of bacchanal, Ray J took to Floyd’s grand piano for a geeked up rendition of his single “One Wish.” Fabolous, seizing the opportunity for an amazing pun, wrote a tweet. Ray was not pleased with Fab’s live reporting, and the rest is petty celeb beef history.

That was funny to me, and when I tweeted it, a lot of people found it funny. When I first saw [Ray J], he found it funny. It’s still funny. Years later. But I guess, once you’ve had a few drinks, or get a little intoxicated, jokes aren’t as funny as anymore. I guess.


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