Esquire & Chrissy Teigen Create New Rules For Concert-Going

By: 04.18.12  •  12 Comments

Photograph: Miko Lim for Esquire

We’ve lamented the energy (or lack there of) experienced at live shows since the rise of amateur photogs, enhanced camera phones and just plain ol’ too-cool-for-school wall flowers who pay money to not party it up while the artists play. For Esquire’s 2012 Music Issue, the men’s mag called on Chrissy Teigen, model and fiancee of John Legend, to help spread the word regarding “New Rules for Show-Going.”

A few of the suggested new standards:

— A concert is 40 percent more enjoyable if you don’t watch it via the screen of your device.

— Related: You will not end up watching the video you’re recording on your device.

— At a crowded show, anything more than two square feet of space in front of you will eventually be filled by four to six college-aged women who press their way into the crowd midconcert.

— The restroom attendant is not there to help ease the burden of drying your hands but to discourage illicit activity, so tipping him, while generous, is not necessary.

Read the full list (and more pics!) at Esquire after watching Chrissy’s quick video tutorial below.

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