Indiana Pacers Evan Turner’s Got Major Ferrari Problems #RNS

06.23.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

How do you have considerable money in the bank, a Ferrari and a fine mamacita riding shotgun…and let the whip run out of gas? Only if you’re Indiana Pacers Evan Turner does this happen. Luckily for Turner fellow former Buckeye P.J. Hill came to the rescue, but not before putting a video up of it all on his Instagram with the caption: “It never fails smh no matter how much money cats have they are still the same. @evanalmighty12 Ran out of gas in his Ferrari smh #Embarrassing.”

By now, you’re reading this and watching the video thinking “How the hell do you let a Ferrari run out of gas?.” To which, I rebuttal with the only answer I see possible: only the Pacers can find ways to take failure to levels so low they’re unseen.

Cred: Bleacher Report

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