Event Recap: Questlove Live In Nashville

03.08.11 6 years ago 23 Comments

?uestlove came to Nashville to support our continued pursuit of epicness and massive it was. I originally considered running down 80 adjectives trying to paint how amazing the whole scene was and how relentless ?uest is on the mix…but simple words wouldn’t suffice in the least.

Video footage forthcoming but know and understand that Dee Goodz, Chance Warhol and DJ Wick-It held it down for the town. My camo cap goes off to Dee who stepped outside of comfort zone and usual crowd to make his mark. I never gauge how I feel about an artist’s performance solely on crowd reaction, knowing that sometimes an audience may hold back on giving props. Early call and responses fell short but young Goodz comes equipped with undeniable music and maximum charisma. And by his final track “Bananas,” the crowd rocked with him, filling in the calls for their participation.

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Chance Warhol’s rolling circus calls to mind so many different genres when trying to relate it to performance. There’s a lot of Hip-Hop influence, spiced with an energy probably finds inspiration from an indie rock scene and he brings a small but extremely rowdy band in support. Anyone planning to attend Bonnaroo should be on alert to get familiar with the man, the band and the material now before ending up swept completely off your feet in June when the motley crew takes the stage.

Seeing 500+ people out on a Monday night in Nashville? For a Hip-Hop event? Fahgetabouit. Unheard of…until now. Salute to each and every person who came out to show support. Since January, I’ve attended three noteworthy events locally, full crowds at each performance but only a small overlap in people previously seen. Ultimately, that tells me two things. One, the Nashville scene is deeper and more diverse than I could have ever imagined. Two, starting to see a few of the same faces popping up – aside from media and artists – means the good word is spreading. Everything is beginning to sustain itself and the show will only help the night’s co-presenters, Lovenoise and Coffee, as they plan to bring their “The Living Room” set to Mai nightclub on Monday nights.

And somewhere in that crowd lurked one of the dudes from The Black Keys. Since this marks two times he’s been at a TSS event, I’m going to do a Google image search so I can keep an eye out for his face next time around or somebody tell buddy to tap me on the shoulder when he’s around. All I want to say is how f*cking enjoyable their catalog is and to thank them for Brothers.

Also, I walked past some guy multiple times, thinking “he looks exactly like Danger Mouse” and only to find out later from Maloney that it was indeed Danger Mouse. Yeah, Nashville is the new L.A.

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