Every Time Don Dada Freestyles An Angel Gets Its Wings

05.07.12 4 years ago • 15 Comments

“I’m blowing sticky Dragonball the same color as Piccolo”

Remember our diamond in the rough Don Dada? Well he’s back to bless us with more lyrical gems, including a Dragonball Z reference. Which is easily the greatest thing ever because I imagine Dada and his cronies whipping up work and breaking out into “ohhh sh*t Goku f*cked the Ginyu Force the f*ck up, yo!” on a warm Tuesday’s morrow.

Also, yes, Dada can rap his ass off. He just exudes charisma and can put words together with ease. I have no doubt that when he releases more vast body of work that Dada will be able to create a brand new lexicon in the vein of Big Boi, Cam’Ron and Ghost. Like, who doesn’t want to go around saying “candy-coated panther piss” whenever the feeling comes to mind?

Basically what I’m trying to say is, f*ck yeah, Don Dada!

I also want to admit that I have no clue what he’s talking about in the third verse. I need an actual drug dealer to translate what the hell is going on. Can someone lend me a scale and calculator so I can work these bars out?

Respect: DGB

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