12.10 The Cooler

12.10.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

It’s All About Romy

Everyone Hates Perez Hilton [Warming Glow]

Snakes On A Poon [D-Listed]

How Huge Is the Internet on an Average Day? [Gizmodo]

Beer May Prevent Prostate Cancer [Blippitt]

Alabama Keeps Its Priorities in the Right Place: Cancels School for BCS Game [LBS]

Eminem Tops The Beatles for Best-Selling Act of the Decade [XXL]

Gatorade’s ‘Tiger Focus’ Drink Discontinued [With Leather]

adidas x Star Wars 2010 Footwear [TSG]

Pandora Aims for Free In-Car Music Streaming [PC Mag]

Walt Disney’s Grandson in Felonyland [TMZ]

Muhsinah Talks About “The Oscillations: Triangle” [Moovment]

Aliens Vs. Predator Game Banned In Australia [Gamma Squad]

If The Internet Named TV Shows [College Humor]

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