Video: Vodka & Ewoks Make Everything Better

10.31.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

Thank the Lord Almighty for blogs.  Because by the time I wake up most days the Today Show is long over and I would have missed this gem.  Apparently, the entire cast dressed up as characters from Star Wars and had hired midgets to dress up as Ewoks and freestyle during some Halloween arts & crafts segment. The Ewoks were reportedly drunk and hilarity ensued as they proceeded to fight each other, throw things around the set, make repeated attempt the wet their whistle (||) with the martinis set up on the table & Moonwalk across a pile of hay.

Yep, Moonwalk.  I damn near laughed up my lung when he combo’d from a side Moonwalk to dry humping Al Roker’s* leg.  I’m not a big fan of Halloween or The Today Show, but they need to find a spot in their show for those Ewoks.  I won’t wake up to watch it, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’d DVR it faithfully.

I hope this is same guy in the Ewok costume… but if not he’s still dressed up as Michael Jackson and it is Halloween.

*Skinny Al Roker scares me a little bit and despite the Star Wars theme, he should’ve dressed up as Arthur instead.

[Warming Glow]

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